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Baskinta peace project

Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

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Escalating mental health crisis in UkraineUkraine PTS appeal

Why is it so urgent to help avert a post-traumatic stress catastrophe in Ukraine? the answer is that already, there are over two million displaced people suffering from post traumatic stress (PTS) there. And over 500,000 of these are severe cases. You can see that as the war drags on this situation is only going to get worse.

Even as the stress grows, the war conditions mean that the health system is less and less able to cope with the surge in demand. Apart from the human suffering, the ripple effect of this mental health crisis on the rest of the economy and health care services is near to catastrophic and estimated at about £12 billion.

A powerful new antidote to PTS

There is ample published evidence to indicate that two novel approaches to PTS achieve rapid and sustainable relief from symptoms. The relief occurs within days, not the months and years required with other methods.

This Natural Health Research Trust (NHRT) project aims to show that the combination of both these two approaches are an outstanding and cost-effective way to scale-up any national PTS recovery initiative. This new combination is exactly what is needed to avert this large-scale post traumatic stress catastrophe. Read more. And if you like what you read then please help and click here to make a donation ..... Read full article

"There is more evidence that the group practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) can turn off war like a light switch than there is evidence that aspirin reduces headache pain"

Stop war in Ukraine

Join together on-line to
immediately switch off the violence

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Sunday 4.30pm UK time

Join Zoom Meeting with Ian Docker TM teacher

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Urgent request:Ukrainian peace group

So far, three meditating groups are forming in and around the Ukraine. Their aim is to create the Super Radiance factor for the country. This factor could so easily and quickly bring an end to the hostilities.

Joining one of these groups could make all the difference. If you would like to help, there are three options for group meditation:

  • For TM-Sidhas, you can join a Super Radiance group in Romania. This group is strategically close to the border with Ukraine to have maximum impact.
  • For practitioners of TM you can also join a residential course along side the Sidhas in Romania
  • There is also a unique opportunity to train in the TM-Sidhi Programme on a one month course. This starts 16th April and is for anyone already practising Transcendental Meditation.

Apart from the Romanian group, that already has fifty people meditating together, there are two others being set-up in Eastern Europe. This includes a group of forty-five TM-Sidhas placed in the mountains of Western Ukraine and also eighty TM-Sidhas in Russia.

The numbers in the the Russian and Romanian peace projects are increasing by the day and as word gets out.

The objective is to achieve sufficient numbers to reach the Super Radiance threshold for Eastern Europe. This means we need enough TM-Sidhas doing group meditation together to reach the square root of 1% of the respective populations. And that means 670 TM-Sidhas for Ukraine and 1,250 TM-Sidhas for Russia.

From the research we know that as the groups build towards these figures so they will reduce the collective stress evident in those countries. As the numbers grow, so violence will naturally subside and enable a peaceful resolution of the current conflict. From past experience, we know that with the right numbers peace could break out in days.

If you want to learn more please click here.

Important advance notice....Global Super Radiance

A powerful global on-line meditation is to take place on 14th - 16th May. So, please save these dates in your calendar.

The aim is for 10,000 TM-Sidhas and 10,000 TM meditators to meditate at the same time together everywhere over the entire globe. This on-line group practice will create a much needed surge in brain wave coherence across the world population.

From the previous research we know that greater collective brain wave coherence equates to the Super Radiance effect. This upcoming surge in Super Radiance during May will reduce global stress levels and so boost the collective immune system.

Even a few days of global coherence will make a huge difference to the pandemic and the growing economic malaise. So if you are a TM-Sidha or TM meditator please take note of these vital dates and join in. The world needs you!

Read the full article.

The silent antidote to a hidden enemy

Numerous research studies demonstrate how a group of specially trained meditators can have a broadcast effect on the thinking, health and behaviour of the surrounding population. Different studies have shown that groups of meditators have:

  • Stopped open warfare and rapidly reduced war deaths during peace projects
  • Reduced terrorist activity by about 72%
  • Cut crime levels by 50% or more
  • Improved a wide range of Quality of Life (QOL) statistics such as road traffic accidents, unemployment, economic growth rate, inflation rates and so on.

Thus, with the onset of the Coronavirus epidemic across the globe, an important question is; can group meditation slow down or even stop the spread of infectious disease?

Two studies show promising results worthy of further investigation. One shows a drop of up to 20% in infectious diseases, whilst another national study shows a 32% drop in infectious diseases.

Read the full article ...

Guest article by: David W. Orme-Johnson, PhD

How could one simple technique like Transcendental Meditation (TM) improve all kinds of health conditions?

6 Health insurance statsA large part of TM’s success is due to the restfully alert physiological state it produces during meditation. This highly coherent brain wave state facilitates the innumerable self-repair mechanisms of the body.

This means that whatever problem the body or mind may be experiencing when you start to meditate, then the deeply relaxed state that you slip into activates the body’s self-repair mechanisms and these mechanisms help the body fix the problem.

This process is born-out by several studies including one where the average reduction in hospitalization across all disease categories was 50% less for the TM group than norm.

Importantly, the reductions for viral infections were even larger at 73% for category labelled “Nose, Throat, and Lungs”. This category includes many diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, such as common colds, sinusitis (infection of the sinuses), pharyngitis (sore throat), pneumonia (inflammation of one or both lungs), bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchial tubes).

Read the full article …

Sunday, November 19, 5:15 pm

An invitation from the TM National Office

Nationwide group meditations with everyone connected online have been so very enjoyable in other countries, that now we are holding our FIRST online nationwide 20 minute group meditation in the United Kingdom.

Let's aim for 5,000 meditating all around the country!

The nationwide group meditation will be linked via the ZOOM video-conferencing system (connection details below), and you can join at your local Transcendental Meditation Centre or from home.

See full details

Global meditation experiment reduces terrorism by 72%

New terrorist chartNumerous random terrorist attacks in Berlin, Paris, Manchester, London and now Barcelona pose the government security services with ever tougher questions about how to protect us all from attack.

Fortunately, research published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation shows that there is a new and highly cost effective way to tackle terrorism.

Three global experiments show that a group of meditators, reduced international terrorist casualties by an average 72%. Although at first sight this achievement is seemingly impossible, the research indicates we have a technology to eliminate terrorism quickly and quietly and without violating any freedoms, rights or civilised values. It is time the authorities took note. Read more ...

New terrorist chartOur biggest obstacle is not so much trying to create world peace but getting enough people to believe that we can

The supreme challenge of our time is to get enough people to understand that with Super Radiance we already have the most powerful technology to create world peace. In effect, their existing beliefs are getting in the way of this understanding.

Super Radiance is the astonishing, influence radiated to the rest of society by a group of specially trained meditators known as TM-Sidhas. Repeated research demonstrates the dramatic, positive impact of Super Radiance on open warfare, terrorism, political violence, crime, social disorder and economic activity. Findings from different field research include:

  • 81% drop in war deaths during the civil war in Rhodesian (Now Zimbabwe)
  • Cessation of open warfare in Nicaragua, Mozambique and the Lebanon
  • An aggregate 72% reduction in global terrorist activity during three different peace projects

So, you might well think that with such an impressive track record Super Radiance would be a household name.

But as we know, outside the realm of the meditating community, Super Radiance is universally ignored or worse, written off as weird. In a supposedly scientific age, this indifference or derision seems incongruous with our society’s alleged values and ‘rational’ understanding. So the question is, if scientific studies backing up the claims for Super Radiance are extensive and irrefutable, then why do politicians, governments, the media, think-tanks and most of academia stubbornly refuse to even acknowledge the research let alone do something useful to assist its introduction into society? Find out why ...

Super RadianceOpen letter to the TM community in Europe to invite cooperation in coherence creation during these challenging times. Please read and take note.

Dear Family, Friends and Neighbors: Transcendental Meditation-Sidhas, Governors and Meditators in Europe,

People will be practicing Yogic Flying together – "together" underlined. The result will be an atmosphere of all positivity, no negativity, no conflicts, no confusion, not so much sickness, and no failures of intentions or failures of efforts – no. Everywhere will be positivity, peace, and a bliss continuum on the level of integrated national consciousness, which is the level of invincibility.” — His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Global Press Conference, 20 Sept. 2006  

During this special time of challenges and transformation in Europe, we, the TM-Sidhas of Germany have started to increase our national coherence program again. it would be great to combine and spread these waves of national coherence all over Europe, to truly strengthen Europe as a Union of Coherence, where only positive things can happen.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every country, every group and even every individual TM-Sidha knew that they are flying together, at the exact time, with all other Yogic Flyers in Europe, creating a huge wave of coherence, harmony and invincibility for all of Europe? Read more ...


"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which the world is headed the ecological, social demographic or general breakdown of civilization will be unavoidable."

Vaclav Havel
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