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Baskinta peace project

Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

World Peace Action Research

Action research is “learning by doing”. The idea behind action research is that researchers identify a problem, do something to resolve it, see how successful their efforts are, and if not satisfied, try again.

Action research is not just academic study, but aims to contribute a practical solution to an immediate problematic situation as well as to further the knowledge of social science.

World peace project phase 1 is to study a sub-regional area

In phase 1 of the world peace project, the Natural Health Research Trust (NHRT) charity aims to replicate the Super Radiance effect by forming a group of TM-Sidhas (coherence group) large enough to have a significant and measurable impact on a specific sub-regional area of about 500,000 people. At the moment this is likely to be in Europe, but the eventual location will depend on the availability of TM-Sidhas and also the donors' wishes where this is relevant.

The charity will carry out a study of the consequent social and economic improvements by using time series analysis of publicly available social indicators. These will include:

•    Violent crime rates
•    Emergency hospital admissions
•    Motor vehicle fatalities
•    Suicides
•    Unemployment figures
•    Business start-ups
•    Divorce applications

Phase 2 roll out to the rest of the world

In phase 2 and as funds accumulate, the NHRT will roll the study out to wider areas by increasing the number of Sidhas in the group, first to impact a regional area, then the whole of the UK, then the rest of Europe and then the rest of the world. This phase will be achieved either by funding an increase in the numbers of the phase 1 coherence group or supporting other large-scale coherence groups as appropriate at the time.

The statistical analysis will be conducted to a level of quality suitable for submission to peer reviewed research journals.

Why you can trust the  research

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