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World Peace through meditation

The aim of the World Peace Group

Scientific research shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that certain typesGlobal peace initiatives of specialist meditators, when grouped together in one place, radiate an influence of peace and tranquility to the surrounding population.

When this happens open warfare and fighting stops within a day, terrorism evaporates, crime trends decline, domestic and international harmony improves. (See chart click to enlarge.)

The effect is spontaneous, immediate and systematic. Furthemore it does not rely on any form of social, political or diplomatic interaction between the meditating group and the effected community. The influence is created by just a small group of these meditators equivalent to a tiny fraction of the number in the rest of the population.

This powerful and invisible effect has been documented dozens of times in fifty research studies (Watch video) and is now known as the Super Radiance effect.

The amazing Super Radiance effect

The aim of the World Peace Group is to create a global Super Radiance effect by collecting together as many of these experts as we can and pay them to meditate in a group on a daily basis.

Any donation you may wish to give will go towards meeting this aim.

Super Radiance presents a new dawn for mankind

This Super Radiance effect gives us the means to create world peace from one point on earth.

Today there are a few large size groups of these specialist meditators known as TM-Sidhas (experienced practitioners of Transcendental Meditation (TM) trained in the more advanced form of TM known as the TM-Sidhi programme) These groups are creating the Super Radiance effect in different parts of the world and making an invaluable contribution to international peace. These groups include about 2,000 meditators in Iowa in the USA, a group of nearly 3,000 pandits in India and several smaller groups of school children in South America totalling about 24,000 TM-Sidhas. 

However, the world still lacks the key number of 9,300 TM-Sidhas in one place to create world peace.

World peace is now within our grasp.

Scattered across the world in about 100 different countries, there are several thousand experts trained in this type of silent consciousness based peacekeeping. Research shows that if we can bring 9,300 of these TM-Sidhas together in one place all at the same time, global peace would become an immediate reality.

Over the last thirty-five years, there have been innumerable successful, consciousness-basedWorld Peace world peace initiatives
where these experts came together and created this miraculous effect.

Research based peace inititiatives

As a result there are 50 research studies that prove beyond doubt the validity of this new technology to create world peace. Unfortunately with one or two exceptions these large-scale peace iniatives were short lived.

Previous consciousness based global peace projects or coherence groups were inevitably disbanded as the TM-Sidhas, left to go back home or take up their career responsibilities.

Until recently, no one has ever paid TM-Sidhas to perform their meditation programmes in a world peace group. In fact for most peace projects the TM-Sidhas have had to pay to join in.

It is the aim of the World Peace Group that with your help we will bring as many of these meditators together in one place. We will pay them to spend several hours every day creating a powerful peaceful influence. As a result this dedicated group will bring about  a permanent state of peace for every country and every person in the world.

The video below explains how, with your help, we can make world peace happen.

The basic unit of world peace is the coherently functioning human brain

Governments won't create world peace

There are many documented benefits accruing to society as a whole during TM-based world peace projects. Despite this, almost no government or international authority has taken up the repeated calls to fund a world peace group.

There are important exceptions to this poor track record. These include some South American governments including Ecuador, Mozambique, in Africa and Cambodia in South East Asia.

We cannot wait for governments to take action. We will probably have to wait forever.

Private individuals have to take the responsibility for world peace

So it is left to us, private individuals or NGOs to fund any permanent peace initiative. This is why the World Peace Group, as an independent charity, is setting out to establish meditation as a proven tool to reduce crime and other negative traits in both national and international society.

Although this may seem ambitious if not unreal, such an independent initiative is feasible because of the square root of 1% effect. This square root effect means that only a tiny fraction of the world's population is required to support the initiative in order to create a permanent state of world peace.

In essence we only need a million or so people out of the whole world's population to be alert and responsible enough to donate £10 per month to create this world peace project. 

A handful of significant donors could achieve the same effect.

We can help build a permanent coherence group for world peace from funds donated to us by a tiny fraction of the world's population.

NHRT is raising funds for world peace

The Natural Health Research Trust (NHRT) is a UK registered charity (Number 1024407) with a brief to promote research into natural and holistic measures, therapies and preventative treatments both for personal and public health.

This brief includes funding or running projects suitable for study.

Massive return on investment

Apart from the social and emotional problems, crime costs society money.

This cost is measurable in terms of the actual damage done, the cost of police time, hospital treatment, punishment, rehabilitation, judicial processes, and so on. Back in the late 1980s, researchers estimated that a long-term super radiance project in Merseyside, saved the region about £250 million per year in reduced crimes alone.

But it isn't just about crime or war.

Supporting the presence of TM-Sidhas in any peacekeeping group will nourish the consciousness of the nearby population. As stress is reduced in the collective consciousness so every person, every family, every charity, every good cause is tangibly helped by a donation to the NHRT's World Peace Group.

The disproportionate impact of TM's super radiance effect

The more Sidhas that are in a group, proportionately the more powerful an individual’s contribution becomes. Examples of the numbers of Sidhas required to impact different sizes of population are shown in the chart below:


Coherence factor
Table shows disproportionate impact of meditators as group size grows


Example of area covered

Population size

Sq rt factor ­
Approx number of Sidhas used
South East Dorset UK 530,000 72
Dorset County 692,712 83
Hampshire and Dorset UK 2,336,961 152
Wessex UK 4,631,279 215
England 51,000,000 714
United Kingdom 61,792,000 786
European Union 501,064,000 2,238

Global population



The real impact of the square root effect on large populations appears almost magical and is truly staggering. It is simply a fact that as the groups grow in size, there is a disproportionate increase in their impact on the rest of society due to the super radiance effect.

This means that, in a seeming reversal of the usual laws of nature, a donor’s financial contribution becomes more valuable the more Sidhas there are being funded. Usually the last people to join a group are the least significant. In the context of a coherence group the reverse is the case; the larger the group the more significant the individual.

How the maths works:

£2,876,000 supports a coherence creating peace group for one year that improves the well being of about 500,000 people. This amount is sufficient to establish a research study demonstrating the clear benefits of a TM-based peacekeeping group on a small regional population. The savings to the host community are estimated to be in excess of £200 million every year in reduced crime alone.

At this level, each TM-Sidha in the peacekeeping group is then benefiting the health, well being and security of 6,550 people directly. This means that in monetary terms every £100.00 a year you donate benefits the lives of 18 people fo an entire year.

£35,950,000 supports a coherence creating peace project for one year that improves the lives of 61,000,000 people or countries the size of say the UK, Italy, France, Thailand and the Congo.

Thirty-six million pounds represents a tiny fraction of the billions of pounds and dollars governments spend on security, defence, policing and the health services. Nevertheless this sum is sufficient to prevent terrorism, generate an accumulative reduction in crime, reduce hospital admissions and help stimulate economic recovery. (Contrast this with UK Olympic security that cost the UK taxpayer £1 billion for just one month's protection)

At this level, each TM-Sidha is benefiting the health, well being and security of 71,851 people directly. This means that in monetary terms every £100.00 you donate a year benefits the lives of 171 people for an entire year.

£89,875,000 supports a coherence creating peace project for one year that improves the lives of 500 million people. In other words this sum would help a population the size of the European Union. A group of this size would be sufficient to calm down the violent conflicts arising in the Middle East, avert the outbreak of war and eliminate the burgeoning terrorist threat.

At this level of funding, each TM-Sidha employed is benefiting the health and security of 200,000 people directly. This means that in monetary terms every £100.00 you donate a year benefits the lives of 556 people for an entire year.

£294,075,000 supports a coherence creating peace project for one year that improves the lives of 7 billion people or in other words the entire world population. Achieving this sum is the ultimate goal of the World Peace Group. This level of funding helps us create a state of world peace as defined by our world peace definition.

At this level, each TM-Sidha is benefiting the health and security of an incredible 769,231 people directly. This means that in monetary terms every £100.00 you donate a year benefits the lives of 2,380 people for an entire year.

Can you think of a better way to spend £100.00? If you would like to help please go to our donate page

This is not an official website of the international Transcendental Meditation teaching organisations, but the trustees of the NHRT are fully supportive of the Transcendental Meditation organisations' goals for world peace and their researched ­based programs.

The aim of the website is to bring the potential of these programs to the attention of as many people as possible.

"There is more evidence that the group practice of Transcendental Meditation can turn off war like a light switch than there is that aspirin reduces headache pain"

John Hegelin
Research physicist

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