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53 Research studies

53 research studies provide unassailable evidence that the Super Radiance effect creates peace, reduces crime and enhances economic prosperity. Furthermore, the effect starts working immediately. Download 'The Super Radiance effect' PDF

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The broadcasting effect of brainwave coherence

Laboratory research shows that a meditator's brainwave coherence influences other people's brainwave coherence at some distance away. Read more ... It can also influence other people's cortisol and serotonin levels. Read more ...

What is world peace?

World peace is more than just the absence of war

Fifty-one research projects carried out into the broadcasted effect of meditation have redefined world peace as more than just an absence of warfare.  World peace effect

This powerful body of research presented in 28 peer reviewed journals and independent academic conferences shows clearly how small groups of specially trained meditators benefit us all by creating an immediate and dramatic shift in social trends from negative to positive, from violence and hostility to peace and friendliness. The specialist meditators are known as TM-Sidhas, (What is a TM-Sidha?)

Where open warfare exists these groups of TM-Sidhas are able to stop the fighting almost immediately. This means war deaths are reduced dramatically, terrorist activity is curtailed and peaceful negotiations break-out.

African peace initiativeBut in addition to the reduction in violence, other social and economic trends also improve. For instance, where the groups are in place long enough, inflation rates drop, unemployment drops and economic growth speeds up.

The impact these groups of meditators have on our society is not as a result of social, political or diplomatic interaction. Uniquely, the groups influence us all silently but powerfully through the medium of what is called the collective consciousness. The influence is created by a phenomenon known as the 'Super Radiance' effect. (Read more about Super Radiance)

From the point of view of world peace, an important feature of the Super Radiance effect is that the larger the group of TM-Sidhas the wider is their impact. All that is required to create world peace for us today is 8,400 of these meditators (TM-Sidhas) grouped together and meditating in one place.

So how has the Super Radiance effect redefined world peace exactly?

Seven principles that define world peace

Research shows that Super Radiance benefits us all in seven ways:

1. Immediate cessation of violent conflicts: Perhaps the prime principle of world peace is the immediate cessation of open warfare. If we can achieve a global Super Radiance group with 8,400 TM-Sidhas meditating together in one place then we will eliminate conflict in places like Afghanistan, Syria and Mali within a day or so.

Lebanon peace project
Graph shows reduced fatalities during Lebanese civil war Super Radiance project Lebanon peace project research

Repeated studies show how Super Radiance stops warfare and violence within 24 hours. You can find examples of this uniquely powerful coherence effect on our web pages: International peacekeeping, Lebananese peace project, Mozambique transformation, Baskinta peace project.

Download 'World Peace through meditation' for a layman's account of all 51 studies. These peace projects make fascinating reading.

2. Rapid evaporation of terrorist activity: Once a global coherence group is established, the modern plague of malevolent terrorism will find no fertile soil in which to breed.

Impact of Super Radiance
on Terrorist activity
How to prevent terrorism
Super Radiance groups have reduced terrorist activity by 72% (Read more)

The reason for this is that a more coherent collective consciousness creates more coherent thought throughout the population. Tolerance of other people's ideas and a growing empathy between cultures and peoples will also grow.

(Read more about how Super Radiance reduces terrorist activity by over 70%)

3. Softening of ideological conflict: Enlivenment of world consciousness will increase peoples' realisation that we are all one family. People everywhere will see that our differences are superficial. Variety adds richness to life not strife.

Unnatural, negative ideologies will lose their grip on the impressionable. There will be a growing reconciliation of seeming opposites which will stimulate greater harmony and tolerance between religions and political principles (Read about how President Chissano of Mozambique set up Super Radiance groups in his country. The meditation groups enhanced national coherence so much that former bitter enemies were induced to work together - Mozambique transformation).

4. Lessening of the dangerous super power rivalry between USA, Russia, Europe and China: As with past world peace projects, the super power rivals will be less fearful of one another's ambitions and will increasingly realise that the world is big enough for us all. World leaders will be able to accommodate their diverging national interests without fearing to look weak at home.
5. Growing friendliness between the nations: There will be a growing realisation among all governments that they have a lot more to gain by mutual collaboration with other nations. Instead of adopting narrow definitions of self-interest that create win-lose situations, friendliness at governmental level will enable the pursuit of win-win solutions (Read more about the improved international relationships that occurred during the First global peace project).

6. Spontaneous growth in economic activity and international trade and commerce: The relaxation of fear, the reduction in international conflict and the enlivenment of the collective consciousness will stimulate creative activity, a surge in technical and economic innovation and enable a wave of new growth in trade and commerce (Read about the surge in economic prosperity in Norway and New Zealand) .

7. At national level there will be a reduction in antisocial behaviour:Reduced crime We will all start to benefit from improvements in the local trends of violent crime, sickness, unemployment, welfare dependency, financial problems, and a number of other negative aspects of national life (See examples of this phenomenon in Mozambique transformation, Economic crisis and recovery and the Cambodian peace project).

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The World Peace Group is run by National Health Research Trust a registered non-denominational independent UK charity. The World Peace Group's aim is to raise funds to establish or support a permanent world peace group of TM-Sidhas.

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Baskinta peace project

Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

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