Rhodesian peace project ­ - 81% drop in war deaths

During the first world peace project set-up between October and December African peace project1978, several groups of specialist meditators known as TM-Sidhas (What is a TM-Sidha?) visited selected trouble spots around the world.

The objective was to precipitate a local Super Radiance effect that would reduce violent conflict, warfare and civil war. As part of this project 121 TM-Sidhas went to war torn Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and neighbouring Zambia.

In 1978 Rhodesia was experiencing a bitter war of independence. In September of that year war deaths had been as high as 1,000 people or 33 people per day.

The result of the intervention by this group of meditators showed an immediate drop in war deaths. During the baseline period used for the research (October 1978) war deaths had averaged at 16.1 per day. During the intervention period they fell to 3.0 per day. This dramatic fall equates to a reduction of 81% in war deaths as compared with the baseline period. (p<.05).

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