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Lebanese Civil War - Positive events during first global peace project

"The central positive development that occurred within Lebanon during the three week long global peace project in December 1983 January 1984, was the rapid evolution of agreement by all parties on a national security plan." - Research authors.

Rapid escalation of improvements

The first global peace project lasted only three weeks during late DecemberLebanon peace project and early January 1983 - 84. At its height, a global Super Radiance effect was created by 8,000 TM-Sidhas located in Iowa USA. Events in far away Lebanon unfolded as follows:

On 20th December the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organisation) left the country, and there was growing agreement among the different factions to stop fighting (e.g. 22nd December, 29th December), leading to the final stages of an agreement on a security plan by the end of the year.

On 1st January a Christian religious leader met with the Moslem prime minister and informed him about the results of his meetings with the different parties; the media were optimistic, writing that ‘the talks accomplished a positive improvement’.

On 2nd January an agreement was reached on a programme to remove all armed forces and militias from Tripoli. On 4th January the media stated that the government definitely approved the security plan on which the opposition had agreed and stated that the agreement ‘will be in force soon’.

On 5th and 6th January the media reported that mediations on agreements and treaties continued within a positive atmosphere of hopes for solutions.

On the morning of 7th January, an article about the previous day’s events (as it turned out, the last day of the Global peace project) stated: “All parties definitely approved the (comprehensive Lebanese) security plan, and its proclamation (for implementation) is only a question of hours …”

Lebanese civil warReturn to negative events after coherence subsided

The day after the global peace project ended (7th January) the situation quickly deteriorated. Fighting resumed in Beirut and the Lebanese mountains, which the newspaper described as ‘mountains in flames'. The security plans broke down as the fighting continued.

Research title

The above is an extract from Orme-Johnson et al’s research study July 1984; "The influence of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field on world events and global social indicators: The effects of the ‘Taste of Utopia’  Assembly." Read more


The Collected papers of Scientific Research on Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme Volume 4 Paper 337.

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