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Baskinta peace project

Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

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Syria map1,500 specially trained meditators could stop the Syrian war in 24 hours research shows

90,000 dead and six million refugees, the Syrian conflict seems to get worse and worse. And now the West want to intervene militarily. The big risk is that this is like trying to put a fire out with petrol. So what are we to do? Scientific research shows that there is a tried and tested method of using a 'peacekeeping Super Radiance group', but this solution is being ignored.

OK, so you are thinking, what on earth is a Super Radiance group?

A super radiance group, is the term used for a group of specialist meditators who have been trained to create coherent brainwaves.

50 scientific studies show that these coherent brainwaves do not just create calm and tranquillity for the meditators themselves but actually create a broadcast effect to the wider population as well. The phenomenon is so consistent and specific that we can actually predict exactly how many of these meditators are required to influence a given number of people. And all we need to stop the Syrian conflict in 24 hours is about 1,500 meditators... Read more ...

Bilderberg conference hotelLast week 140 of the richest, most powerful and influential people in Europe and North America missed a golden opportunity. The informality of the secretive Bilderberg group provides a perfect forum to discuss far ranging and radical ideas to improve society. So it is also an ideal opportunity to have a constructive debate about fifty research studies that offer real and tangible prospects for world peace.

Perhaps next year's Bilderberg agenda could include the impact the 'Super Radiance' effect has on open warfare, terrorism, crime and economic prosperity. Then the conference would become a cause for celebration not protest. Read more

Guest post by Ann Purcell

Transcendental MeditationAlthough world peace has been a dream of man for centuries, we have not yet achieved that reality. Our attempts to create peace have often been through war. Even if war produces a temporary victory, the loss of lives and bitterness and sorrow created sow the seeds for future problems down the road. As Martin Luther King famously said:

“Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.” Read more ...

Sandy Hook mass killings why
President Obama cries as he promises meaningful action, but how can he deliver if he does not understand why these outrages are occurring?

The Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown Connecticut on December 14th is the latest of a rash of tragic shooting sprees. The recent spate of random killings contrasts starkly with a long-term reduction in violent crime in the US.

So why is America suffering these violent random outbursts and why is this phenomenon going against the overall positive trend in crime?

This article looks into this terrible issue deeper than the usual arguments that it is all about guns. The gun factor alone cannot account for the relatively new trend in random mass killings at a time when there has been a long-term decline in gun ownership.

Violence in society arises from stress in the collective consciousness. Extensive scientific research shows that the science of consciousness can explain both why these terrible tragedies are occurring and how to prevent them. Read more ...

9,000 school children trained in the TM-Sidhi meditation programme arrived at the sacred mountain of21st December Monte Alban in Southern Mexico on Friday 21st December. The purpose was to create global coherence to usher in the new golden era for mankind.

Super Radiance for the whole world

With 9,000 TM-Sidhas or Yogic flyers, gathered together in one place, the world experienced Super Radiance for the first time in twenty-years and enabled everyone on the planet to enjoy this momentous occasion - the start of a new age of consciousness. (Read more ...)

The standoff between Iran and the Western powers over Iran’s nuclear program is threatening to Iranian nuclear power plantescalate to a full-scale war.

So how do we introduce a calming influence on the two sides?

In the past, stand-offs such as the one we are now experiencing over the Iranian nuclear programme have been quickly and effortlessly diffused by intervention on the level of the collective consciousness.

Research now shows that whenever our individual awareness dives down and settles at the level of pure consciousness during deep meditation, we not only create a calming, harmonising effect for ourselves but also a calming and harmonising influence for all people everywhere. Read more about how a peaceful solution can be achieved ...

The 2012 London Olympics will last only 17 days yet already the bill for maintaining law and order and Olympic stadiumpreventing a terrorist spectacular is estimated to be £1 billion. The real problem is, even at this massive cost, are the Olympic games, the tourists and surrounding population still safe?

If Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary or Crime or Security Minister James Brokenshire, would contact The Natural Health Research Trust, we will explain exactly how we can guarantee the event is totally free from a 9/11 or Mumbai style attack for a price that is about 0.6% of the current cost of their current security arrangements.

Read more ...

Vaclav Havel died 18th December 2011. He is justifiably recognised as the hero of the Velvet Revolution that Vaclav Haveloverthrew the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. That unstoppable wave of liberation transformed the country from a puppet Soviet satellite state to an independent sovereign country.

But what provoked the wave of liberation in the first place? The science suggests that the underlying cause of the Velvet Revolution was not the actions of one man, however heroic, but a shift in the nation’s ‘collective consciousness’. Read more ...

Within 4 days of the US military withdrawal, Baghdad suffered 16 bomb attacks that killed more than 70 peopleUS troops leave Iraq and injured over 200.

The article discusses an alternative to military occupation that ample research shows would have yielded sustainable results at a fraction of the cost. Read more ...


"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which the world is headed the ecological, social demographic or general breakdown of civilization will be unavoidable."

Vaclav Havel
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