What am I donating for?

We ask for a minimum monthly subscription of £5.00 to support research based world peace projects, although a one-off donation is also an option.

The reason we want a regular monthly subscription is that it allows us to sponsor or employ experts in consciousness based peacekeeping, TM-Sidhas with a reasonable degree of certainty that our funds are sustainable over the long term. This will give these expert meditators sufficient security to relocate and join their Super Radiance group on a permanent basis.

How a monthly subscription plan helps

Your monthly subscription will go towards maintaining or supporting a TM-Sidhi Super Radiance group or groups.

World peace sidha groupApart from hiring or sponsoring TM-Sidhas to meditate together on a permanent basis, the charity has no corporate overheads, no salaries, no head quarter offices, no expense accounts, no bureaucracy and no sales people.

A Super Radiance group is largely self managing so there sre no highly paid executives to manage that either.

Our marketing costs are limited to Internet marketing which is partly paid for by other supporters. Our marketing can be further helped at zero cost, if you can help pass on the message that world peace is easily achievable if enough people join in - See "What else can I do to help?"

As the number of donors accumulate so we will hire or sponsor more trained and experienced TM-Sidhas to come and meditate together in one of the established groups. As the groups grow so the value to society of your monthly contribution will grow exponentially in terms of the massive amount of good that it can do. To find out more read the World Peace page and watch the video.

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Read about 53 research summaries that show how groups of specially trained meditators can prevent crime, terrorism and war.

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