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Croatian peace project 1991

TM based Croatian peace project reduced war deaths and hostilities to zero when the meditating group
matched the square root of 1% of the population

In late 1991, during the violent and volatile civil war, a few hundred expert meditators, known as TM-Sidhas, began to arrive to Croatian peace projectmeditate together in Pula on the Istrian peninsular. Their arrival was in response to a call for help from the local TM organisation in then Yugoslavia and the local chamber of commerce.

At the time the situation for Croatia, especially in towns like Vukovar and Dubrovnik was desperate and things looked to be getting rapidly worse.

As predicted by the research, as soon as the numbers of meditators in the Croatian TM peace project group reached the square root of 1% of the Croatian population, the fighting stopped right across the whole country.

The fighting only started again when the peace group had left the country. But by that time Croatian independence had achieved official international recognition and most of the Federal armed forces had also withdrawn from the country. As a result the fighting never regained its earlier murderous intensity.

Download one Sidha's eye witness account about the Croatian peace project.

Download eye witness account of the Croatian peace project

Baskinta peace project

Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

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