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Baskinta peace project

Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

Dr John Hagelin explains the physics of consciousness

Video explains the connection between consciousness and the material world

Dr John Hagelin, a world renowned quantum physicist, explains how we are all intimately connected by a unified field of consciousness and that this field expresses infinite dynamic intelligence that is the basis of all of creation.

How TM develops the total brain

TM accesses the collective consciousness

Research shows that people practising Transcendental Meditation and the advanced TM-Sidhi technique, experience very high brainwave coherence or brain wave orderliness during their meditation.

But that is not all, the enhanced coherence seen in these individuals also creates coherence in the collective consciousness, and generates a unifying and integrating effect in the life of society. This effect results in a decrease of negative trends such as crime, terrorist activity, accidents, and sickness and an increase in positive social, economic, and political trends.

Why TM influences the whole of society

TM is a technique of consciousness and scientists are now seeing consciousness as a field similar to the other fields known in physics, such as electromagnetism and gravity.

The coherence in brain functioning generated by TM spreads through this 'field of consciousness' in the same way that light radiates from a light bulb. And this radiating effect that connects the meditator to people in the surrounding neighbourhood increases their positivity and reduces their stressed thinking and behaviour. This is why people sitting with their eyes closed meditating can reduce crime and other negativity in the surrounding population without recourse to any other interaction with that population.

The Maharishi effect

Scientists named this field effect the 'Super Radiance' effect and also the 'Maharishi Effect', after His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who predicted it's occurance back in the 1960s. Numerous studies show that the intensity of the super radiance effect is increased when a group of people practise Yogic Flying.

"I regard consciousness as fundamental.

I regard matter as derivative from consciousness."

Max Planck

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Read about 53 research summaries that show how groups of specially trained meditators can prevent crime, terrorism and war.

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The broadcasting effect of brainwave coherence

Laboratory research shows that a meditator's brainwave coherence influences other people's brainwave coherence at some distance away. Read more ... It can also influence other people's cortisol and serotonin levels. Read more ...

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