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Cambodian peace project creates a lasting peace using meditation

The Cambodian peace project was established in 1992 when the Royal Cambodian Government, the Australian Aid to Cambodia Fund (AACF), and MVU Holland set up a joint venture to establish Maharishi Vedic University (MVU) Cambodia. Cambodia peace project 

The idea behind this new university peace project was to provide Consciousness-Based Education for rural youth who would not otherwise have access to higher education.

By 2004, MVU Cambodia had grown to occupy four campuses with a total of over 1,000 students.

Cambodia flagThe unique feature of MVU's Cambodian education system is the daily group practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and TM-Sidhi programme.

As Cambodia has a population of 10 million, the 1,000 group at MVU is therefore sufficiently large enough to pass the √1% or Super Radiance Effect threshold.

The basis of the Cambodian Peace project

The results were as anticipated. The country was in a fairly desperate state after years of rule under the infamous communist regime the Khmer Rouge. By achieving the √1% effect of TM Sidhas in one place the university precipitated a phase transition from chaos, negativity and violence to one of orderliness, positivity, peace and progress.

Results summary

Before 1993

After 1993

  • Civil war
  • Democratic government with a restored monarchy
  • Martial law   
  • Freedom of expression and civil rights
  • Rule by military dictatorship
  • Substantial foreign investment
  • Censorship and repression of civil rights
  • Greater economic self-sufficiency
  • Weak economy reliant on external assistance
  • Much improved relations with neighbours
  • Poor relations with neighbours
  • Member of the ASEAN group of nations
  • Prevailing sense of fear, intimidation and helplessness   
  • Much greater sense of confidence, security and optimism

Long period of financial stability

Prior to 1993, there were few reliable measures of social and economic factors available. However figures are available for inflation. These statistics show dramatically reduced rates of inflation (Table below) starting from the point that the Super Radiance effect had been achieved.

Cambodia inflation
Average real GDP growth between 1994 and 2001 has been in excess of 5.5% p.a.

Summary of TM coherence group results

To summarize the Cambodian Peace Project's success; since the super radiance effect was achieved in 1993, the country has realized a genuine base for:

•    The harmonization of conflicting groups
•    Social cooperative behaviour,
•    Strong economic growth
•    Relatively stable political institutions.

Many MVU graduates now occupy leading roles in Cambodian society.

"MVU is playing an important role in human resource development and in restoration of peace and expansion of prosperity throughout the country." His Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk

The resolution of conflict, the emergence of cooperative behaviour and the resurgence of economic activity is typically the hallmark of the Super radiance or Maharishi Effect. It would be easy enough to achieve this every where.

Article sources

The material on this page is derived from a research study conducted by Guy Hatchard Ph.D and Kenneth Cavanaugh Ph.D.

The title of their research is "The Peace and Well Being of Nations: An Analysis of Improved Quality of Life and Enhanced Economic Performance through the Maharishi Effect in New Zealand, Norway, USA, Cambodia, and Mozambique. A Longitudinal, Cross-Country, Panel-Regression Analysis
of the IMD Index of National Competitive Advantage. (Read abstract)
The paper examines five very different nations that have been influenced positively by the Super radiance effect or Maharishi effect. Two countries are assessed using a broad-based international measure of economic performance and quality of life.

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