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Iraq - What was the alternative to military intervention?

 28th Dec 2011

Nine years after taking up occupation in Iraq the US has finally pulled out its 110,000 troops. Stabilising Iraq US army leaves Iraqhas not been an easy task with 4,484 US soldiers dead and 30,000 injured along with another 317 coalition troop fatalities.

The process has hardly been painless for the Iraqis either, with civilian casualties in excess of 100,000; an estimated 2.8 million people displaced internally and perhaps two million Iraqis now living abroad as refugees.

What has the coalition achieved?

Despite all this pain and suffering, within 4 days of the US military withdrawal, Baghdad suffered 16 bomb attacks that have killed more than 70 people and injured over 200. The Sunni - Shiite feud, that has long threatened to explode after the departure of US led troops, seems to have kicked off immediately, as both sides rush to fill the power vacuum.

US army leaves IraqIraq shows all the signs of descending into more bloody internecine warfare. At best it seems the ‘coalition of the willing’ has achieved little more than a holding operation to keep the two sides apart; but even this has been achieved only at a huge cost in lives and money.

At approximately $10,800 per US household, American voters could be forgiven for feeling short-changed at spending over $800 billion to achieve effectively very little.

No wonder Barak Obama was in such a hurry to exit the country in the run up to the next election.

Was there an alternative?


The US and British Governments could have made a lot better use of tax payers money by paying attention to the latest scientific research into Unified Field based technology. Had they done so, they would have seen that the solution to the age-old problem of violence and hostility lies not through military intervention but by intervening on the level of the collective consciousness.

There have been repeated relevant research studies carried out over the past 35 years. In all about 40 studies show that a mere handful of specialist expert meditators called TM-Sidhas can have a real and tangible impact on the consciousness of a country’s whole population. Impacting consciousness in this way influences both the thinking and behaviour of everyone in the country to such an extent that violence and hostility subside immediately. (For an example see The Lebanese TM peace project study published in Journal of Social Behavior and Personality 17(1): 285­338, 2005)

Instead of sending in hundreds of thousands of soldiers running up bills of about $90 billion every single year,TM-Sidhas the coalition governments could have simply called in about 600 TM-Sidhas. The result would have been both immediate and dramatic and for a cost that is 0.03% of the cost of military action.

What next?

Now the US led coalition forces have left, it seems Iraq’s troubles are likely to resume. Religious, ethnic and tribal rivalry is sparking off political feuding and terrorist activity with neighbouring Iran happy to foster violence and hatred for its own ends. The sinister presence of Al Qaeda is set to exploit whatever divisions already exist to create a fundamentalist Islamist State. The departure of well equipped, highly trained and disciplined troops is liable to destabilise a region already a hotbed of insurgency and religious fervour.

Greater Middle EastTo stop the slide into regional terrorism, anarchy, and bloodshed the Middle East needs a regionally based group of TM-Sidhas. The number required to influence the whole Middle East area is only 1,740 TM-Sidhas. The cost would be in the tens of millions of dollars not hundreds of billions required to sustain a credible military intervention.

From past evidence we can predict that there would be an easing of tension between all countries, a cessation of violence everywhere, a growing religious tolerance, a dismantling of tyrannical regimes, and growing economic prosperity. The more important fact to know here is under these conditions no one loses. Working on the level of consciousness reaps universal benefits, no one feels defeated.

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"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which the world is headed the ecological, social demographic or general breakdown of civilization will be unavoidable."

Vaclav Havel
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