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Baskinta peace project

Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

Promising Syrian Peace initiative

 15th Sep 2013

Two UK government leaders have a unique chance to bring peace to Syria through group meditation. You can join our petition to persuade them to help, by clicking on this link

The latest US and Russian framework document on chemical weapons in Syria is a big step forward inSyrian Chemical attack restricting the contagion of violence. Unfortunately the agreement fails to address the underlying problem that a bitter conflict still rages within Syria.

Millions of Syrians are homeless, over a hundred thousand have already died and the social and economic infrastructure has been torn apart. A generation of children are being traumatised by their parent’s inability to live and work together peaceably.

Meanwhile international debate rages over whether it is right or helpful to intervene militarily. It seems that the USA's favoured option is to launch punitive raids with patriot missiles or execute ‘surgical air strikes’. Inevitably such action will create collateral damage and stir up yet more hatred and violence. President Obama should know by now we can't use war to solve our problems. War isn't the solution war is the problem.

Patriot missile Syria
Patriot missile attacks are not the solution just an extension of the same problem

Research based alternative to missile strikes

There is an easier, cheaper, quicker and more practical solution and one that can be done peaceably in a way that no one suffers.

Research shows that a phenomenon known as Super Radiance is capable of stopping violence, conflict, terrorism and even open warfare almost overnight. To achieve Super Radiance all that is required is a handful of specially trained meditators. Yes you read it right, meditators.

The research shows that time and time again when groups of specialist meditators known as TM-Sidhas, practising an advanced version of the Transcendental Meditation technique, arrive in a conflict zone there is an immediate cessation of open warfare and a reversal of other negative trends. It happens every time without fail. The research is rock solid, has been replicated dozens of times in different situations across several continents and has even been published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Conflict Resolution and the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality.

Thousands die needlessly due to political embarrassment

The real mystery is why do western governments fail to follow-up the research? Why don’t they show some initiative and employ this powerful principle to transform the prospects of places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and so on. The answer is of course disbelief closely accompanied by fear of ridicule.

The whole idea of Super Radiance is outside the conventional view of how things work. The idea that a group of individuals sitting silently in a room together with their eyes shut can have an impact on the rest of society generally belies belief, unless that is you have already experienced it or are used to meditating yourself.

This is where the UK could offer the world with a rare and golden opportunity to help Syria.

UK government leaders familiar with Super Radiance effect

William hague Nick Clegg
William Hague UK Foreign Secretary Nick Clegg UK Deputy Prime Minister

Uniquely among the international community two of the top four members of the UK government are long-term meditators. Both Nick Clegg and William Hague have been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) most of their adult lives. They are both intelligent men and must by now be aware of the evidence backing the Super Radiance effect.

In other words they must be aware of the potential to stop the war dead in its tracks with the arrival of about 2,000 of these TM-Sidhas anywhere in the vicinity of Syria.

Even so they have done nothing.

The UK has the money and the means to help organise this peace initiative. But at the moment the government lacks the will.

A three-month peace project using the right number of TM-Sidhas is probably all that is required. A group of about 2,000 TM-Sidhas in the region would stop the fighting and killing straight away, dampen down the fury, get people talking and allow space for the development of sustainable political structures agreeable to both sides of the conflict so that they can learn to live in peace together.

New scientific world view

The proposition is not so improbable when you look at the latest understanding emerging from quantum physics. Theoretical research and experimentation is creating a new vision of how the world is. Four points in particular stand out:

1. Scientists now understand that the basic building block of the universe is not matter but an all-embracing field of intelligent energy, a field of consciousness.

2. This means all physical matter including the stars, planets and of course our human physiology with its complex mental, emotional and physical properties materialise from this unified field and remain an integral part of it.

3. The research into TM and Super Radiance demonstrates that human beings have the ability to experience this unified field of intelligence through their own awareness when they experience what is known as transcendental consciousness.

4. At the level of transcendental consciousness the merest intention to uphold life supporting values radiates across the unified field and manifests in everyone else’s reality. Quite simply, when enough people in a host population entertain pure life-supporting intentions at the transcendental level of consciousness, then other people in the vicinity, otherwise set on doing negative things, suddenly and spontaneously have a change of heart.

All we need is a group of 2,000 TM-Sidhas

“Enough people” in the context of the Syrian tragedy means we need about 2,000 people trained to maintain this level of transcendental consciousness. For the idea to work the TM-Sidhas have to be present for a reasonable amount of time in the vicinity of the troubled area, somewhere like northern Israel for instance. From the safety of say the Galilee area they would radiate peace and harmony across the region embracing not just Syria, but Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, the Palistinian terratories, Iraq and Iran.

The cost of undertaking this novel but powerful peace project would amount to about the same expense as letting loose half a dozen or so patriot missiles or the cost of a week or so of aircraft carrier intervention. The result though would not be catastrophic destruction for the targets and those hapless innocents caught up in the cross fire but instead an immediate cessation of hostilities. Life would begin to get back to normal, the economy would start to pick up, reconciliation and hope would spontaneously burst out.

If you would like to help the Syrian people, please join our petition today - click to petition page

The petition reads:

"To Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain and William Hague Foreign Secretary of Great Britain

As long-term practitioners of Transcendental Meditation you already know of the fifty research studies that demonstrate how small groups of specialist meditators can dramatically decrease violence and killing in war zones within days.

You have the power, influence and resources to sponsor a new meditation based peace project for Syria. Please help us send 2,000 of these specialist meditators to the Middle East. Within days of the group’s arrival, the fighting will stop, and prevent the civil war escalating regional conflict.

Join our petition - click to land on petition page

Why not send an email?

You can also email Nick Clegg, UK Deputy Prime Minister, and William Hague, UK Foreign Secretary send the petition direct.

  • Tell them it is time they utilised the knowledge they have of meditation and Super Radiance.
  • Tell them that if they want to know more to look at the research presented on this web site.
  • Tell them that if they went into politics to make a difference they will never get a better chance.
  • Tell them the World Peace Group will be happy to work with the UK government to help deploy a regional Super Radiance group of meditators.
  • Tell them to hurry as people are dying.

If we can achieve a Super Radiance group for Syria and the surrounding countries, far from being laughed at the UK government will be greeted as true peace makers and for ever be in the gratitude of the Syrian people.
If enough of us contact William Hague and Nick Clegg and urge them to take this initiative seriously maybe they will overcome their embarrassment at doing something so unusual. If they do, they will precipitate a transformation in world politics. Please send them both an email.


Article by Jeremy Old
CEO World Peace Group

Read earlier article - "Syrian peace possible with Super Radiance effect" for further explanation about the Super Radiance effect and how it can impact events in Syria.

The truth exists independently of our knowledge or ignorance of it.


"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which the world is headed the ecological, social demographic or general breakdown of civilization will be unavoidable."

Vaclav Havel
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