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Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

Bilderberg Group's lost opportunity

 15th Jun 2013

Bilderberg conference hotelLast week 140 of the richest, most powerful and influential people in Europe and North America held their annual and highly confidential Bilderberg conference. This time it was in the plush Grove Hotel in Watford UK under the chairmanship of Henri de Castries, the chairman and CEO of the giant Axa insurance group.

These annual conferences have been a forum for informal, off-the-record discussions about megatrends and major world issues since 1954. The high degree of confidentially frees the participants from the usual conventions of office or by pre-agreed positions. This means they have the luxury to listen, reflect and gather insights from their fellow participants in a way they cannot within more formal settings. What a chance therefore to explore radical solutions to the perennial problems besetting the world!

If only such a powerful group would include in their discussions the possibilities presented by the Super Radiance effect. This is the dramatic and positive effect that small groups of specially trained meditators have on their local population. The research shows that Super Radiance creates peace in war zones, neutralises terrorist threats, reduces crime wherever it is established and reverses negative economic trends such as unemployment and inflation. All this is proven by reams of research and can be achieved at a tiny cost.

As an example, the overall cost of the conference and its security bill would be enough to fund a Super Radiance group for Syria for six months. The impact would be a complete cessation of hostilities within a few days. The influence of enhanced brain wave coherence created by the group of meditators would enable the country’s rapid return to normalcy, as the warring factions found ways to come to an amicable agreement.

Food for thought next year; perhaps the chairman, Henri de Castries of Axa could suggest the group ponders on how much money his insurance group would save in insurance claims if crime decreased at an annual rate of say 10% across Europe and North America. Perhaps David Cameron could instigate a discussion on the potential defence savings created from a European ‘Super Radiance’ group of TM-Sidhas. We live in hope!

"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which the world is headed the ecological, social demographic or general breakdown of civilization will be unavoidable."

Vaclav Havel
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