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Are there lessons to learn from the Sandy Hook massacre?

 30th Dec 2012

What is going wrong with America?

Obama cries
President Obama cries as he promises meaningful action, but how can he deliver unless he understands why these outrages are occurring?

The Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown Connecticut on December 14th is the latest of a rash of tragic shooting sprees. In the US, sixteen indiscriminate shootings have occurred since January 2012. This record number compares to an average of about two a year throughout the previous thirty years. The death toll for 2012 is now 88 lives lost with at least a hundred people being left injured.  

Paradoxically, the recent spate of random killings is in stark contrast to a long-term reduction in violent crime in the US from a peak in the late 1970s. So what is going wrong? Why is America suffering these violent random outbursts and why is this phenomenon going against the overall positive trend in crime?

This article seeks to look into this terrible issue deeper than the usual arguments that it is all about guns. America has been an arsenal of legally owned firearms since the war of independence. The gun factor alone cannot account for the relatively new trend in random mass killings. Furthermore it should be noted that this recent surge occurs at a time when there has been a long-term decline in gun ownership.

What is the root cause?

To find the root cause we need to look deeper into the mechanics of nature to find out where this senseless violence springs from. The short answer to the question what is the root cause is that violence in society arises from stress in the collective consciousness.

What do we mean by collective consciousness?

There is a growing understanding supported by unified field theories in modern physics that consciousness, or our simplest level of awareness, is not just a function of our human nervous system but is an integral part of an all-embracing fundamental field of pure intelligence. Such theories recognise that at the most basic level of creation there is a Unified Field of infinite intelligence unifying all other energy fields that are, in themselves, the basis for all material existence (See chart below and enlarged).
Connecticut massacre
Modern unified field physics equates this fundamental field of intelligence with a field of consciousness. This field embraces both individual consciousness and a group or collective consciousness. The simple definition of collective consciousness is that it comprises the aggregate of individual consciousness. But is more than that, as the two interact fluidly with each other in a similar way to drops of water that interact to form an ocean of water.

In other words, there is always a reciprocal relationship between a person’s individual consciousness and the collective consciousness of the group they are in.

In the same way national US consciousness interacts fluidly with the wider consciousness spanning all our nations and continents. We are all intimately connected on the level of consciousness, how we feel, what we think and what we do has an impression way beyond the boundaries of our national frontiers and ultimately in one way or another is returned in equal measure.

Given this fact we must review more closely the impact of despatching hundreds of predator drones to kill terrorist suspects in remote villages in the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan or wherever. Especially as the accuracy of such vehicles is at least suspect with the consequence that 'collateral damage', that awful military term for innocent casualties, is inevitable.

The immutable natural law of physics is already well known in most major religions and eastern philosophies, if often disregarded - What we sow we reap, for every action there is a matching and equal reaction. What this means for America is that if you send machines to kill people in another country, natural law determines that at some level and in some way there will be an equally matching lethal response. Blowing perceived enemies away like some Chicago gangster may make the President and his military colleagues feel more powerful and useful, but this is an illusion born of wishful thinking and ignorance of the fundamental laws of nature in the form of the dynamics of consciousness.

The reality is that dealing out retribution arbitrarily and violently on the criminally insane solves nothing and instead provokes an unfortunate response and not just because it engenders deeper resentment and hatred towards America in the target population.

So what can President Obama do?

Basically the most powerful option open to the President is to remove the stress from the collective consciousness of violent societies. Stress in the collective consciousness is the driver of violence, hostility, crime and social disorder. When you remove the stress you eliminate the violence.

Fortunately for us, the science of the collective consciousness also supplies a highly potent technology to remove stress from society. Incidentally unlike other anti-terrorist strategies this technology has been tried and tested again and again. It works effectively and immediately every time. In fact 49 research papers and case studies, some on a global level, have demonstrated that when this technology is applied it cuts armed conflict, reduces war deaths to zero, has seen terrorist activity reduced by 70% almost overnight and progressively reduces violent crime.

Technology of consciousness

This technology of consciousness essentially involves specialist meditators known as TM-Sidhas. When these TM-Sidhas meditate together in large groups, they only need enough participants equivalent to the square root of 1% of a given population in order to create a sudden positive shift in the trend of social behaviour. This powerful effect is known as the 'Super Radiance' effect due to the analogous effect of coherent light waves in lasers.

At the precise point that a group of TM-Sidhas achieve a group size equivalent to the square root of 1% of the host population then the enhanced individual brainwave coherence they experience during their meditations begin to influence the brainwave coherence of the entire non-meditating population.

This meditating influence is transmitted through the unified field of pure intelligence, and has the effect of reducing stress in the collective consciousness of any society. As stress is reduced in the collective consciousness so stressed driven thinking, stress driven decision-making and stress driven nihilistic and violent behaviour starts to evaporate among the host population.

In other words a few brains made coherent by group meditation create coherence across the whole of society. A coherent society enables the many diverse and complex social systems to function harmoniously together in an integrated and evolutionary way.

Global Super Radiance will prevent terrorism abroad and at home

President Obama has an immense opportunity here, as the number of meditators to achieve a global Super Radiance effect is so small. The square root of 1% of the world population is only 8,400 and there is at least this number of TM-Sidhas already in the USA.
Sandy Hook massacreCollecting together and paying such a group to meditate in a group on a permanent basis would cost a miniscule fraction of the overall US defence budget. (See chart)

But such a group would achieve what America’s colossal defence expenditure has never been able to achieve ­  - invincibility; or in other words complete security from threats of foreign aggression, international terrorism and domestic chaos, violence and subversion.

America can take a leading role in creating world peace

President Obama has promised “meaningful action to prevent more tragedies, regardless of politics” like the one at Sandy Hook. He may be sincere but unless he fully comprehends why these mass killings are occurring and what his presidential role is in provoking them, he is unlikely to have any great success.

Obama is on firmer ground however when he quotes from the psalms and pledges to “heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds”. Exporting global Super Radiance from American soil would project his compassion and friendliness across international boundaries. As violence, hostility and aggression dissipate across the planet so Uncle Sam would again become the world’s favourite uncle. At last America could live without fear of violent aggression abroad and random violence at home.

"The cost of implementing a permanent coherence creating group in the world is less than a single B2 bomber." Dr. David Edwards, Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin.


Article by Jeremy Old
Chairman of the Natural Health Research Trust


"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which the world is headed the ecological, social demographic or general breakdown of civilization will be unavoidable."

Vaclav Havel
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