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Syrian peace possible with Super Radiance effect

 20th Jun 2013

Research shows that 1,500 specially trained meditators could stop the Syrian war in 24 hours

90,000 dead and six million refugees, the Syrian conflict seems to get worse and worse. And now the West wants to intervene militarily with weapons supplies to the rebels or actual military action. The big risk is that military intervention is like trying to put a fire out by pouring petrol on it; not a very clever idea. So what are we to do? Scientific research shows that there is a tried and tested method of using a 'peacekeeping Super Radiance group', but this solution is being ignored.  Syria news

OK, so you are thinking, what is a Super Radiance group?

Well it is a long but interesting story, a story that is fully backed up by reams of scientific research. Even though the following article may seem implausible or even impossible, this idea is not wishful thinking or a simple matter of opinion but a matter of established scientific fact.

And the facts are that 50 research studies of which 23 have been published in peer-reviewed journals around the world testify to the validity of what you are about to read.

Unfortunately for the poor Syrians caught up in the conflict,  government and international institutions alike are ignoring this powerful research. With your help this will change. Here is a chance for you to genuinely help to solve the Syrian conflict.

War deaths fluctuated in intensity during the Lebanese civil war in direct correlation to the numbers of meditators in a coherence group based in Jerusalem

What is a Super Radiance group?

A Super Radiance group is the term used for a group of specialist meditators who are trained to create coherent brainwaves.

The science shows that amazingly, these coherent brainwaves do not just create calm, tranquillity and more integrated thinking for the meditators themselves but actually create a powerful broadcast effect on the wider non-meditating population as well.

The phenomenon is so consistent, specific and measurable that we can predict exactly how many of such meditators are required to trigger a rapid step change in positivity and harmony within a given populace.

It must be emphasised that no physical or social interaction is required between the meditating group and the host population in order to produce this effect. The initiation of the peace process happens discreetly, spontaneously and in silence.

However, to create long-term solutions that stick after the meditating group leaves, the Super Radiance effect is best used in tandem with other more conventional initiatives.

The significant contribution of a coherence group is to provide an immediate harmonious and orderly ground state on the level of the collective consciousness of the population. As a result of the presence of a Super Radiance group, there is always a rapid drop in negative, hostile and violent activity. In addition other initiatives such as diplomacy, mediation and the negotiation of mutually agreed political structures are greatly helped. The point being that the officials and politicians, being part of the collective consciousness, also benefit from the Super Radiance effect. As individuals they start to think more coherently and feel more empathetic towards one another. In addition they find themselves operating in a totally new and happier environment.

The square root of 1% effect

Chart - terrorism
Terrorism drops by a factor of over 70% in global demonstrations of the square root of 1% effect

Whenever we achieve a Super Radiance group of meditators that reaches in number the square root of 1% of a given population, then violence immediately and dramatically subsides. Where open warfare is underway the number of war deaths turns to almost zero ­ within 24 hours. Terrorism has also been seen to dramatically decline by a factor of 72%.

Where normal urban areas have been studied, we see violent crime reducing dramatically. And the positive impact of the meditators starts to happen the day the coherence creating group starts meditating. The effect continues only so long as the Super Radiance group continues in existence.

This precise and dramatic effect has been generated by meditating based peacemaking projects across the world including an initiative based in Israel that helped ease the Lebanese civil war for a while and a peace project that pacified the Croatian conflict in 1991. There have been larger projects that have encompassed the entire globe.

What are we waiting for?

Well a major problem is that, as nobody in officialdom either believes or wants to admit what these meditators are capable of, the meditation based peace keeping potential gets ignored. The result is that where in the past, peace projects have taken place, they have been temporary projects participated in by volunteers eager to help for a while but hardly able to do so in a long-term sustainable way.

These voluntary peacemaking groups ultimately get abandoned, as the participants have to return to work and look after their families and businesses.

Merseyside crime stats
Crime in the high crime area of the UK's Liverpool reduced nearly 50% over a five year period in comparison with other major cities

Nearly all the research has been carried out on relatively short-term projects (One exception was a crime prevention study carried out in the UK Liverpool area that lasted five-years). Although, if anything, the temporary nature of the projects has added to the strength of the evidence of their effectiveness, it has not helped the overall initiative to create a more peaceful world.

This time it could be different

The square root of 1% of the Syrian population is only about 530 people. But because of the involvement in the conflict of regional powers such as Iran and Iraq, a figure of about 1,500 is needed to pacify the situation. We could stop the death toll of up to 100 people per day almost overnight if we can just create the right conditions by establishing a large enough coherence group of meditators.

The Natural Health Research Trust, a UK based registered charity, is committed to raising funds to pay full-time specialist meditators to relocate on a permanent or at least full-time basis to this part of the Middle East.

The additional challenge we have is that the coherence group will probably need a host country to reside in outside of Syria. This will mean that the number of meditators required to produce the right effect will rise in order to radiate coherence across the Syrian borders. Even so we are still talking about very small numbers of people.

1,500 specialist meditators, strategically located say in somewhere like the Galilee area of northern Israel, would be sufficient to radiate coherence that will protect the populations and reduce conflict in not only Syria but also its immediate neighbours, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and the Palestinian territories.

The result is that, with an annual budget that could be as little as £50 million (To put this in perspective £50 million or US$31 million is only 0.38% of the Israeli defence budget) we could generate an outbreak of peaceful and cooperative co-existence in the whole of this troubled region.

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Please visit our donate page and if you are still undecided about the power of this meditating technology to create a peaceful Syria, please read the research.        

Article by Jeremy Old

The truth exists independently of our knowledge or ignorance of it.

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