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Winning the war on terrorism the quiet way

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Meta analysis of global meditation experiments shows reduced terrorist incidents of 72%

Since Al Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers in New York, counter terrorism activities have become a global war that is consuming more and more resources. At the same time this global war is curtailing more and more freedoms for the average peaceful citizen. All these heavy handed measures appear more or less unnecessary when viewed in the context of research carried out into the impact of Super Radiance on terrorist outbreaks. (What is Super Radiance?)

Scientific research shows that terrorist activity declines dramatically in the vicinity of highly trained groups of specialist meditators known as TM-Sidhas. The impact occurs immediately the group of meditators forms. The larger the group of meditators the wider the impact.

Where enough TM-Sidhas have meditated together to create a global Super Radiance effect, they reduced terrorist activity across the whole world.

In this meta analysis, the researchers carried out a retrospective study of data on casualties and fatalities caused by terrorism. The objective was to measure the global influence on terrorism of three separate world peace projects held between 1983 and 1985. During each of these projects, groups of meditators practising the TM-Sidhi meditation programme were sufficiently large enough to create a global Super Radiance effect.

The data for the study was acquired from public domain sources including about 100 newspapers, journals and periodicals by the Rand Corporation in their 'Chronology of International Terrorism (Extract)'. This data was analysed by independent assessors who as a further control were left unaware of the dates of the meditation projects.

Super Radiance can win the war on terrorism quickly and quietly

Time series analysis revealed an average 72% reduction (p<.025) in worldwide terrorism during the three projects and an average drop of 32% in international conflict (p values from .005 to < .25). This unparalleled reduction is compared with all the other weeks during the two-year control period.

Each peace project had approached or exceeded the then threshold of 7,000 TM-Sidhas needed at the time to create the global Super Radiance effect. The researchers were able to rule out the possibility that this reduction in terrorism was due to economic cycles, political trends, or drifts in the measures used, or to any seasonal changes such as holiday periods that might otherwise effect terrorist activity.

Basically "Nothing else was happening that could have explained the sudden drop in armed conflicts throughout the world at that time," says one of the study's co-authors Dr. Michael Dillbeck, 

You can read more about the power of Super Radiance to reduce war, violent conflict and crime in "The Super Radiance effect" pdf download. Also read our more in depth article on "The end of terrorism"

Research reference:

Preventing terrorism and international conflict: Effects of large assemblies of participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs.

Orme-Johnson DW, Dillbeck MC, Alexander CN; Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 36 (1-4): 283-302, 2003.

Drone attack

A predator drone making peace the old fashioned way.

Is their any scientific evidence to show that such automated killing improves our chances of living in a peaceful world?

One survey shows that terrorist activity rises by 20% in the vicinity after a successful drone attack on terrorist leaders

Remote executions might solve an immediate problem, but can only stoke up hatred, fear, resentment and frustration, the seed of terrorist activity.

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