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Baskinta peace project

Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

The quick way to prevent the Iranian nuclear argument escalating into open warfare

 12th Apr 2012

The standoff between Iran and the Western powers over Iran’s nuclear program is threatening toIranian nuclear power plant escalate to a full-scale war.

Iran refuses to curtail its nuclear programme, despite the obvious threat to Israel, a country it states it wants too see wiped off the map; four nuclear scientists have now been killed in covert assassinations; the USA is tightening the noose around Iranian oil exports.

"In this process of ever-accelerating sanctions, we have arrived at a point where sanctions begin to blur into actual warfare," writes Gary Sick an Iran expert and former U.S. official.

US aircraft carrierTehran has responded to tougher sanctions predictably with a threat to close the straits of Hormuz. And just as predictably the USA has countered with a warning that that the U.S. navy is ready to open fire to prevent any blockade.

The arrival of a second Nimitz class aircraft carrier in the region seems to back up their point.

Whether this is all rhetoric and hot air or not, the repeated affronts to the Iranian leadership’s prestige and sovereignty only deepens their siege mentality further.

This adds fuel to their driving ambition for nuclear prowess. Their intransigence in pursuit of their nuclear programme only deepens Israel’s anxiety over its own safety.

What next?

If the ping-pong game of actions and reprisals goes on it could easily degenerate into a full-scale hot war, with wide ranging ramifications for the world economy’s oil supplies and the peace and safety of the whole Middle East region.

So how do we introduce a calming influence on the two sides?

In the past, stand-offs such as the one we are now experiencing over the Iranian nuclear weapons programme have been quickly and effortlessly diffused by intervention on the level of the collective consciousness.

What do we mean by collective consciousness?

Simply put, a body of modern physics now increasingly recognises that the fundamental building block of the universe is what is known as a 'Unified Field' that encompasses within it all matter fields and energy fields; in fact all the laws of nature. A key point here is the understanding that this unified field also comprises a field of consciousness or field of pure intelligence.

Every action, even every individual thought, influences every other thing in the universe

Given that we are all part of and connected by this unified field then it follows that every action, even every individual thought, influences every other thing in the universe. In other words our thoughts and thinking processes have an impact on other people’s thoughts and thinking processes but without recourse to any physical or social interaction.

Even more significantly, the research now shows that whenever our individual awareness dives down and settles at the level of pure consciousness during deep meditation, we not only create a calming, harmonising effect for ourselves but also a calming and harmonising influence for all people everywhere.

If there is a group of people settling down to experience this level of pure consciousness then the calming and harmonising effect is that much more concentrated and intense in the surrounding area.

In other words during meditation we don’t just affect our individual consciousness, but the consciousness of everyone else as well.

Of particular relevance to the Iranian crisis are numerous studies that show that when there are enough people doing a specific type of meditation known as Transcendental Meditation, there is an influence of peace and positivity transmitted across whole populations. The effect is especially powerful when meditators practice the more advanced technique of the TM-Sidhi meditation programme together in the same place and at the same time.

The meditation effect has immense practical value for situations such as exist in the Middle East at the moment.

Results from scientific studies have been so systematic that we can now predict that if a group of people, equivalent to the square root of 1% of a population, sit together in one place at the same time to practice the TM-Sidhi meditation programme then there is an immediate and dramatic shift in the collective consciousness towards harmony, positivity and peace.

During the course of the mid to late 1980s there were a succession of large-scale peace projects using experts in the TM-Sidhi meditation programme. Several of these projects achieved the magic square root of 1% threshold for the whole world and so stimulated a growing liveliness of consciousness across the planet. International tensions eased tangibly and immediately, where there was warfare people stopped shooting at each other, crime especially violent crime abated, economic activity surged forward.

With the right will we can do the same again.

For instance, to stop a slide into open warfare, all that is required for the Middle East is a regionally based group of TM-Sidhas totalling about 2,000 experts. The cost of such a powerful group would measure in the tens of millions a year compared to the hundreds of billions spent on fighting a hot war with a determined adversary. Furthermore nobody gets killed and the oil will continue to flow.

From past experience once a group of TM-Sidhas of the right size is in place, then we can predict some clear and tangible benefits. Immediately, there will be an easing of tension between all countries, greater ideological tolerance will emerge, violence will cease everywhere, there will be a softening of tyrannical regimes, and growing economic prosperity.

Uniquely, under these conditions no one loses. Working on the level of consciousness reaps universal benefits, no one feels defeated. And it all starts to happen on the very first day. We can safely predict that within 24 hours of the establishment of a group of TM-Sidhas all violent conflict will cease.

There are thousands of these experts scattered across Europe and the Middle east already, what is lacking at the moment is the organising capacity and funds to bring them together in one place in sufficient numbers to have the telling square root of one percent effect. This is the objective of Natural Health Research Trust to raise the necessary funds to create a large peace group of TM-Sidhas in 2012. Read more … 

"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which the world is headed the ecological, social demographic or general breakdown of civilization will be unavoidable."

Vaclav Havel
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