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Baskinta peace project

Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

Ukraine peace initiative

 30th Jun 2014

100 TM-Sidhas ease tension in Ukraine

Ukraine peace initiativeSince 25th May, fifty newly trained TM-Sidhas have joined the existing group of fifty to make a total of 100 meditating together. The resultant rise in coherence in the national consciousness has helped calm the previously stormy and alarmingly unpredictable state of affairs.

There are still reports of Russian backed mercenaries making incursions into Ukraine and parts of the country are still under chaotic rebel control. Even so, on 25th May the rest of the country was able to enjoy an unexpectedly peaceful 60% plus turnout during the national election.

New coherence helps create positive government

The new President, Petro Poroshenko won a decisive victory with 55% support from government-controlled areas with his 15-point peace plan and his commitment to peaceful coexistence with Ukraine’s neighbours both Russian and European. President Poroshenko's peace plan involves decentralising power and holding early local and parliamentary elections. Recent meetings between the Presidents of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia and their collective call for an end of violence further suggest a significant rise in national coherence.

Although it seems that widespread fighting could break out again once the unilateral truce ends on Monday, the situation is still a major improvement on a few months ago when the Crimea was annexed by Russia and Russian backed rebels took over several Ukrainian regions.

Ukraine’s population of 45.5 million people needs 675 TM-Sidhas to create the full Super Radiance effect. Nevertheless the research suggests that even 100 TM-Sidhas meditating in a group will have a harmonising effect on group consciousness, as appears to be the case at the moment.

So far, the group is in place due in large part to the farsighted generosity of a number of US and UK donors. But more help is needed to keep the group in place. The ideal would be to raise sufficient funds to expand the group to 675 TM-Sidhas. This figure is the square root of 1% of the population and by creating the powerful Super Radiance effect would have an immediate calming effect on the whole country. A predictable knock-on effect would be the spontaneous improvement of relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Unbelievable as it may seem we have seen the Super Radiance effect have an almost miraculous effect in the past in several war torn countries such as Mozambique, Cambodia, Croatia and the Lebanon. With the right number of TM-Sidhas it really is possible to do the same for Ukraine.

Can you help keep the momentum going?

To maintain a group of 100 TM-Sidhas requires 40,000€ or £32,230 per month. Thanks to the great support from USA and UK donors, the TM-Sidha coherence group has been growing in strength since March. However more money is needed to sustain the initiative.

The Ukrainian TM organisation needs another: €40,000 or £32,230 by July 20th and another: €40,000 or £32,230 by August 20th.

If only 200 Donors can give € 200 or £160 each, Ukraine will hit its July target!
If only 200 Donors can give € 200 or £160 each, Ukraine will hit its August target!

Invite your friends and colleagues to be part of this historic initiative. Please visit The Ukrainian coherence group website and their Facebook page.

Inspire your friends to contribute towards the success of this highly important project. Through the 'Donate' page. Donations can easily be made online.

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