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Can group meditation stop the Coronavirus epidemic?

 23rd Mar 2020

Pandits 1The silent antidote to a hidden enemy

Studies show a drop of up to 32% in infectious diseases during a global group meditation experiment.

Although difficult to believe at first sight, numerous field studies demonstrate the power of group meditation to influence social trends.

Believable or not, it is now proven beyond a shadow of any doubt that, specially trained meditators sitting together in a group in deep silence have a broadcast effect on the thinking and behaviour of the surrounding non-meditating population.
This positive effect even extends to the health and wellbeing of the wider population.

Moreover, laboratory tests support the field study findings. For instance, one test indicates that coherent brain waves, produced by individual meditators during meditation, are simultaneously replicated in non-meditators brains even at a great distance. Notably, this broadcast effect occurs without any other physical interaction taking place between the meditating group and the surrounding population.

53 studies demonstrate the power of Super Radiance

It should be pointed out, that these days there are a large variety of meditation techniques available. So, it is important to realise that so far the studies show only one technique has this extraordinary radiated effect. The form of meditation in question is Transcendental Meditation and specifically its more advanced version known as the TM-Sidhi programme. The researchers have named this remote influence of TM-Sidhi meditation Super Radiance.

Significantly, the research is quite extensive with fifty-three different studies looking at a large variety of Super Radiance projects taking place in multiple locations across all continents and over a twenty-year time frame. On occasions the studies involved groups of thousands of meditators that impact whole nations and even global events. All the studies, without exception back-up the claim that the group practice of the TM-Sidhi programme has an amazing and unique impact on the surrounding society.

Systematic influence enables accurate predictions

As a matter of fact, the Super Radiance effect is so systematic and reliable that we can predict exactly how many of these particular meditators (TM-Sidhas) are needed for any given population. Depending on the circumstances, the number of meditators required is the square root of 1% of the subject population. Thus, as an example, the USA needs about 1,750 TM-Sidhas to create the Super Radiance effect, whereas a country the size of the UK needs about 750 meditators.

As a sample of the findings, where Super Radiance occurs, different studies show that:

Will Super Radiance help against coronavirus?

Thus, with the onset of Coronavirus across the globe, an important question is; can Super Radiance slow down or even stop the spread of infectious disease? Although the evidence for efficacy against infectious disease is limited to only two research studies, both of them show promising results worthy of further investigation. 

Study one – 12.1% reduction in infectious disease nationally and 20% locally

A long-term study (1960 – 1983) into a range of QOL statistics showed a 12.1% reduction in infectious diseases in the USA when Super Radiance was achieved during a brief two-year period. This reduction was further accentuated close to the location of the Super Radiance group in Iowa. Here there was a 20% decrease in infectious diseases during the same period.

QOL stats 81-83

Orme-Johnson DW; and Gelderloos P; Dillbeck MC; The Effects of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field on the US Quality of Life (1960-1984) was published in Social Science Perspectives Journal, 2(4), 127-146, 1988.

Study two – 32% fewer notifiable diseases

In 1984, a three-week global experiment held in Iowa, USA demonstrated the impact Super Radiance had on nine QOL factors across the world; one of which was notifiable diseases. During the study period, all nine QOL factors improved. And the improvements included 32% fewer notifiable diseases in the USA. Incidentally there were also 17.2% fewer notifiable diseases as far away as Australia, the only other country for which appropriate statistics were available.

So, what is happening here?

The problem most people have trying to comprehend the Super Radiance effect is that, habitually we rely on our sensory perception to make sense of the world. It is therefore problematical for otherwise sane and rational people to believe that a bunch of meditators, sitting in a room in the middle of nowhere in particular with their eyes shut, can actually have an impact on stress, crime and the health of millions of other people in the country around them.

Unfortunately, this means that to fully grasp the concept of Super Radiance, we need to reach beyond the conditioned reliance on our senses. We also need to look beyond the existing intellectual paradigm based on classical physics. If we do this, we can then begin to take on board emerging scientific discoveries that look at the physical universe more in terms of energy fields and vibrations rather than seeing it in terms of clumps of matter separated in time and space.

The source of Super Radiance is a universal field of pure energy and intelligence

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Super Radiance effect, explains that there is a universal energy field at the basis of the material Universe. By material universe he means everything and everyone in existence. And this of course naturally encompasses the human psycho-physiology and the basis of everyone’s thinking, behaviour and activity. In other words, the reality of life is that we are not separated from one another in time and space, but that each one of us is an integral part of this universal energy field.

As it happens, when practitioners of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi programme experience ‘pure consciousness’ during their meditation, they are in effect experiencing this universal field as part of their own being. To put this another way, without having to talk or communicate by any other means the meditators become more intimately connected with the rest of society at the most fundamental level of that society’s existence.

The bigger the group, the wider the effect

Of real relevance here is that the more meditators there are in a group, the wider this field effect is, and the more people get bought into the embrace of this positive wave of energy. As a direct result, and through the medium of this field effect, the transcending experience during TM positively influences the individual quality of consciousness of everyone else in the host population.

In the context of this epidemic, the exciting fact is that the benefits occur in much the same way as though the whole society was practicing meditation. The non-meditating members of the population start benefiting (albeit in diluted form) from the stress reducing qualities of Transcendental Meditation and the even more powerful stress reducing effects engendered by the TM-Sidhi program.

To clarify then, Super Radiance, created by a sufficiently sized group of TM-Sidhas, reduces stress across a whole society. This means that non-meditators receive equivalent benefits even though they are not actively participating themselves. The net result is that there is less stress in the general population. Now as we know, an important feature of low-stressed individuals is that they not only have better functioning immune systems, but they tend to be more rational. They also tend to be more in tune with their own needs. As a result, when stress in society reduces, so the general population has the tendency to spontaneously stay well and adopt healthier lifestyles.

TM reduces healthcare costs for infectious diseases by 73%

It is worth emphasising here that one important benefit from the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation is an improvement to the individual meditator’s health. In a large-scale insurance study, meditators showed a reduction of health care costs relating to infectious diseases of about 73%. If this is happening to individual meditators, then we can more easily understand that Super Radiance will mirror this effect at least in diluted form in the rest of the population.

All in all, then, it seems that Super Radiance is a great social recipe for low levels of contagion and sickness. Having said that, the Super Radiance effect does not act independently of, or separately to other mechanisms for improving our health or protecting us from infection. But, the key point is that Super Radiance produces the ground state that helps the overall population to have more resilient immune systems and be more diligent and prudent in their behaviour.

Action this day

TM-SidhasIn conclusion then, the two studies on the impact on infection rates, are corroborated by a wealth of data on the general impact of Super Radiance on other negative social trends. Taken as a whole these findings suggest that at the very least our governments should be running pilot studies to observe this phenomenon for themselves.

Immediate action will definitely save lives, but only a pilot study can estimate how many lives we can save across the whole population.

If you can see the potential for Super Radiance to alleviate the present crisis, please click the 'like' button at the top of this page and share this article on social media. In addition send the link to your local Member of Parliament, Congressman or Senator or whoever else you think may have some influence or the authority to act. Don't delay, act today. If they want more details, tell them to get in touch. We will move heaven and earth to set-up up a local pilot study within a couple of weeks.

Jeremy Old is author of 'The Super Radiance effect' now available from Amazon. His book summarises each one of the fifty-three research studies into Super Radiance as well as giving background information on Transcendental Meditation.

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