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Baskinta peace project

Read about the Baskinta village peace project, where fighting stopped as soon as 1% of the population learned the TM technique.

The end of terrorism

 14th Mar 2013

Global meditation experiment reduces terrorism by 72%

Research published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation shows a 72% drop in international terrorist incidents during a global meditation experiment. We now have the proof that terrorism can be defeated by intervention at the level of consciousness quickly, quietly and at a fraction of the cost of conventional counter terrorism measures.

Terrorism is a particularly virulent form of antisocial behaviour. As the name implies it is designed to terroriseTottenham fire the subject population, to such an extent that they demand their legitimate government take oppressive counter-measures to protect them.

The terrorist plan is that the counter measures become so unpopular that the local populace grow sick and tired of the oppression and paranoia and kick the existing government out.

What is supposed to happen next is that in the ensuing power vacuum and chaos the terrorist organisation slips into power on the back of quasi-legitimate political supporters or in the guise of freedom fighters.

As a political theory for creating a transition to a better society it is quite useless.

Unfortunately this does not prevent deranged and criminalised political ideologues from indulging in violent attempts to undermine the rest of society and impose their ideologies on the rest of us. Typically governments tend to take the bait and introduce oppressive measures to try and protect society from harm.

Many anti terrorist measures are costly, repressive and counter productive

Predator drone against terrorismThe present global war against terrorism is a good case in point. Ever since 9/11, Western governments and the USA in particular have imposed measures that increasingly restrict inviolable rights and freedoms in an attempt to protect the general population.

Unhappily this attempt to protect civilisation has degenerated to such a level where we now have routine counter measures that include covert ops in other countries’ sovereign territory, highly intrusive surveillance, extreme interrogation measures, imprisonment without trial and remote execution of suspects by predator drones. The added problem is that such measures are invariably counterproductive as they incite further hatred and hostility between the antagonists.

Society seems stuck in a conundrum with two unpleasant options:

Option 1: We opt for oppressive counter measures that are in many ways a travesty of civilised values and ultimately lead to tyranny.

Option 2: We simply put up with interminable random outbreaks of violence, chaos and anarchy unleashed by the terrorists.

Happily there is a third alternative.    

Defeating terrorism at the level of consciousness

There are now about fifty studies which show that a phenomenon known as the Super Radiance effect created by groups of specially trained meditators reduces stress in society as a whole. The measurable impact of this reduction in stress is a decline in open warfare, crime and social conflict both rapidly and dramatically.

In one study (published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 36 (1-4): 283-302, 2003), a meta-analysis of earlier global peace projects specifically tested the hypothesis that the Super Radiance effect also impacted terrorism. The result showed that, as predicted, Super Radiance quickly and quietly reduces the level of terrorist activity. Importantly this result is achieved at minimal cost to society and without violating any freedoms, rights or civilised values.

More about Super Radiance

Brain wave coherence TMThe Super Radiance effect is the influence that groups of specially trained meditators, known as TM-Sidhas, have on the rest of the population in their vicinity. Essentially highly coherent brainwaves generated by their collective meditation are transmitted to the rest of the population.

The theory of Super Radiance recognises that outbursts of violence, crime or antisocial behaviour are simply eruptions of stress in the collective consciousness. Just as coherent brainwaves during deep meditation reduce stress in the physiology so collective meditation seems to reduce stress in the wider community through the medium of the collective consciousness.

Incidentally, only very small numbers of meditators are required to impact a given population size. In fact the group size only has to amount to the square root of 1% of the rest of the population for the Super Radiance effect to kick in. The result is an immediate decline in symptoms of social disorder and conflict such as crime, political violence, terrorism and even open warfare.

What is collective consciousness?

Here we define the collective consciousness as the holistic level of a society that both arises from and defines the character and quality of life of a population. Consciousness is that most basic level of existence which modern physics is beginning to equate to an all pervading field of pure intelligence from which springs all matter, light, energy and ultimately all living things.

The emerging understanding is that at the level of consciousness each individual member of society interacts invisibly and silently with all the other members of society to form a more or less cohesive whole. There are different values of collective consciousness depending on the size of the group. These values range from family consciousness at perhaps the smallest level through to, community consciousness, town or city consciousness, national consciousness, and ultimately to world consciousness.

Importantly, the quality of the collective consciousness of each of these levels is dependent on the quality of consciousness of its individual members. Basically, if you want a green forest you have to have green trees.

Stress in the individual physiology creates stress in the collective consciousness.

Police cadets in Ecuador showing how to combat terrorism by radiating coherent brainwaves across society's collective consciousness.

Just as happiness infects other members of society, so individual stress also permeates society and influences everyone else’s behaviour. The relationship is reciprocal meaning that the collective consciousness also has an influence on each individual member.

When stress in the collective consciousness accrues beyond a certain level it manifests in the form of outbreaks of anti-social behaviour, social disorder, disease and crime. In the more extreme cases of stress, we see eruptions of violent conflict, terrorism and ultimately open warfare.

So, where we are able to create Super Radiance with a group of TM-Sidhas their collective meditation enlivens the collective consciousness and serves to lessen the individual stress of everyone in society. When this happens the incidents of conflict, violence, criminal activity and so on goes down.

Meta-analysis of three global peace projects

The 2003 study looks at the impact of three separate Super Radiance groups comprising between 6,000 to 8,000 TM-Sidhas. The groups were separate both in time and in place and at the time either achieved or approached the global Super Radiance figure. (See table)

Location No of TM Sidhas Start date Finish date
Fairfield Iowa USA 8,000 27th December 1983 6th January 1984
The Hague Holland 6,000 + 28th December 1984 6th January 1985
Washington DC 5,500 9th July 1985 17th July 1985

The research methodology comprised a meta-analysis of data acquired from the Chronology of International Terrorism (Extract) complied by the Rand Corporation. This data was derived from public domain sources including about 100 newspapers, journals and periodicals. The researchers employed independent assessors to review the media data and these people were blind to the dates of the projects.

To provide a control for the experiment, records of fatalities and injuries caused by international terrorism were monitored over a two-year period (2nd January 1983 ­ 31st December 1985) This was undertaken in a series of five-day periods to match the ‘intervention’ periods when one of the three Super Radiance groups was in operation. The data was then subjected to time-series analysis.

The results showed a dramatic decrease in international terrorism of a mean 72% compared with terrorist activity during the non-intervention periods. The impact began after a lag of about five-days from the start of each of the three Super Radiance projects. The records also show a significant decline in fatalities and injuries due to terrorist activity during the ‘intervention periods’. (See chart below: click to enlarge)  

New terrorist chart
Important notes:

A number of factors in this study combine to reinforce the proposition that Super Radiance prevents or reduces terrorist activity.

Firstly, the hypothesis that Super Radiance would have a rapid and powerful influence on the level of international conflict was predicted in advance to the media and academic community. Even so the events evidently took politicians, security chiefs and media observers by surprise and were clearly not anticipated by them.

Secondly, the individual TM-Sidhas participating in these large groups were obviously unable to interact in any physical, social, political or diplomatic way with those instigating terrorist acts thousands of miles away.  

Thirdly, from the onset of each of the three projects there was a simultaneous and dramatic change that occurred in multiple locations thousands of miles apart and thousands of miles away from the Super Radiance groups. Individual conflict zones as diverse as Latin America, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and South East Asia were all affected.

Fourthly, seasonal variations were accounted for in the study. For instance two of the projects took place over the new-year holiday period. So the question arose did the holiday period create a positive trend (Do terrorists go on holiday?). As a direct control, the researchers carried out a secondary time series analysis for each variable assessing its year-end behaviour in at least 5 previous years. There was no correlation between holiday periods and terrorist activity. In the case of international conflict however, there was a discernible trend and this was in the opposite direction towards more violence and conflict.

Fifthly, the reduction in casualties and conflict during these three projects is entirely consistent with similar effects achieved by several other smaller Super Radiance groups effecting smaller populations in different parts of the world at different times over the last thirty years. As such this study adds further weight to the consistent evidence that the Super Radiance effect can quickly reverse negative trends in society and trigger a rapid reduction of violence, conflict and hostility.

Combating terrorism in the future

The small size of the groups needed to create the Super Radiance effect presents our society with an awesome possibility. The research tells us that we can create a positive influence of peace from any one place on earth, in any country. This can all be achieved:

  • Without intruding in other nations affairs,
  • Without crossing ideological boundaries and religious divides,
  • Without violating cherished rights and freedoms
  • And at a tiny fraction of the cost of any one nation’s defence budget.
"The cost of implementing a permanent coherence creating group in the world is less than a single B2 bomber." Dr. David Edwards, Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Article by Jeremy Old

"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which the world is headed the ecological, social demographic or general breakdown of civilization will be unavoidable."

Vaclav Havel
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